The Lexington:
Then & Now

Our Story

The Lexington restaurant has been serving the city of St. Paul and the greater metro area for over 75 years, establishing a rich history as a place of celebration, family and community.

Today, as the new owners, we are committed to keeping the tradition alive and well. We kindly welcome all persons, regardless of race, religion, or identification to join us in continuing this tradition.

Whether you are joining us for a snack at the bar, a drink on the rooftop or a milestone celebration, all are welcome at the Lexington.

For the seasoned visitor or the first-timer, we promise the highest quality of service and hospitality to any and all visitors.

We take equal care in procuring the finest food, wine and spirits available to ensure that your time spent with us is both welcoming and memorable. It is a privilege to serve you and we thank you for your loyal patronage.

Please share your Lex stories, memories, and review your experience at Your feedback helps us improve!

Now: a room with a view! Guests have a view of the kitchen in the Chef’s Dining Room.

Then: the back dining room.

Now: the Chef’s Dining Room.

Then: the main bar lounge.

Now: the main bar lounge.

Then: the main bar.

Now: the main bar.

Now: The Williamsburg Room

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